16 Easter Egg Ideas That Are Oh-So-Cute and Easy

Although there’s always room in our baskets for traditionally dyed eggs, this Easter we’re showing off our creative side with some new Easter egg ideas.

We’ve collected some inexpensive, easy, and oh-so-cute ideas that can be recreated from the comfort of your own home. If you’re ready to try out some different colors and patterns, then grab an extra carton, get the kids involved, and have a full-on DIY afternoon.

Quick & Easy DIY Speckled Easter Eggs

Start by dyeing the eggs using the food coloring. You can add a little bit of vinegar if need be, though I found that it cut down the vibrancy of the original dye a fair bit. 

Once you have let the “base” coat dry, you mix together some food coloring and popcorn kernels or rice, stirring it around until the popcorn is well covered. Place your egg in the bowl with the dyed popcorn and gently stir it around, allowing the dye on the popcorn kernels to “speckle” the outside of the eggs.

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Rubber Bands Easter egg diy 

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Hand painted eggs

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Feather Easter Eggs

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