9 Easter Tablecape Ideas You Can Create This Year

Easter is coming closer and that means it is time for some inspiration. We all know just how serious egg hunts and baskets full of treats are. However, there is one area that may get a touch neglected: the table.

This years Easter table is all about twisted and colored candles, flowers and beautiful vases. Rather than just laying down plates and silverware, add in some festive napkins or perhaps a miniature wreath for that hint of texture. Mix a lot of twisted candles and get a beautiful and modern look. 

In this article, we have come up with our favorite Easter table decor ideas to get you started.

Springtime Table Decor

Bright yellow tulips are truly impeccable when it comes to leaving a statement. They can give your table arrangement all the color it needs to highlight your adoration of the season as well as celebration for the Easter holidays. With this floral setup, feel free to break apart the tones of yellow with additional colors for variance.

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Vibrant Green Easter Table Decor

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Vibrant and Colorful Easter Dinner Table
As Easter coincides with the spring season, it is just ideal that the decorations can utilize a seasonal theme. In this case, you can bring a host of different colors rooted in nature into your table decor. This includes splashes of greenery to brighten up the space. Don’t forget the decorative eggs as it cannot be an Easter celebration without the eggs.

Vintage Farmhouse Style Easter Dinner Table

Farmhouse is such a wonderful way to design your Easter table. It has a classic look about it that makes it so appealing. This design uses white as a focal point, but in a manner that features distressed wood so it comes across as vintage. The flowers elevate it to a slightly chic level. It is a simple approach, one fitting for the minimalistic layout.

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Nordic style

Vintage Easter Table Decor

Touches of green

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