Sofas become synonymous with interior decor, Like it or Not , but what was once treated as an option or choise has now established itself as a mandatory part of the home decor.

One of the most functional pieces of furniture in the home , a sofa is the most critical aspect of the interior of your living room. 

It not only offers a nice and soft place to lie down quietly after a long and hard working day, it is also an extension of your personality, you reflect it through the various designs and styles.

With the furniture trends for 2023, the furniture has to be multifunctional and smart, but not neglect the look. 

Choosing a sofa’s a definite #adultingactivity. It’s an investment in style as well as comfort, so there’s a lot to consider. Check out the four key points to consider ⬇️⬇️

First decide what type of sofa you want

  • Two seater sofas – is best for smaller spaces, families and couples, or for bigger settings alongside another sofa. It often has two seat cushions and two back cushions, or one long cushion with a fixed back cushion, and offers space for two people.
  • Three seater sofa – is great for two people who want to spread out, or for seating three – it often has three seat and back cushions, or longer cushions.
  • Modular sofa – usually has three seats or more, so is best for larger spaces and big families.
  • Corner sofa – has two seating areas that are perpendicular to each other – usually in an L-shape or symmetrical formation. They’re great for large families who want to save space, as they’re designed to tuck into corners.
  • Sofa bed. As the name suggests, it’s a sofa by day, and a bed by night. There are a few different types – metal action and click clack are two of the most common, and refer to the mechanism used to change between sofa and bed setups.

Measure your space

Pick a material that suits your lifestyle and colour scheme

  • Cotton is a natural fibre, which makes it breathable and soft, but it’s usually more expensive. In general, cotton upholstered sofas are comfortable and relaxed. Opt for removable cushion covers so that you can easily keep your cotton sofa clean.
  • Linen is another natural fibre, but it’s more durable than cotton – great for homes with small children or pets. Linen sofas have a lived-in look, with natural creases that soften over time. It has a neutral pH, which makes it hypoallergenic.
    Like cotton, linen is breathable which means you’re unlikely to feel sticky on summer evenings in, and while its surface might ‘fuzz’ over time, it’s resistant to fading caused by sunlight.
  • Wool is made from the woven fibres of a sheep’s coat – again, it’s natural, though often blended with synthetic materials. Wool comes in a lot of colours, so it’s great for every interior taste. And because of its pile, it adds a sense of cosiness to your living space – but it keeps cool in the summer, too.
  • Polyester is a synthetic fibre, so it’s manufactured to be super durable – great for families and pets – and comes in a range of colours. It makes a great base for cushions and throws in different textures and textiles.
  • Velvet is known for its deep pile – thanks to the way it’s woven, often from cotton or polyester – which means it adds luxury and warmth to your space.
  • Leather sofas are easy to look after, durable and long-lasting. Leather’s a natural material that gets better with age – and that’s no different when it comes to sofas. They’re great for people with children and pets.

Choose the right filling for you

When picking a filling, think about how often you use your sofa, and how much upkeep you’re willing to put in.

Foam filled sofas offer a firmer seat and look more structured but they’ll lose about 15% of their ‘firmness’ in their first six months.

Feather filled sofas are a luxe option, and offer a more relaxed and comfortable seat. Because feather filling is natural, feather filled sofas are more expensive, but if cared for properly they’ll last a long time.

Additionally, here are some pictures if you’d like to collect even more inspiration☺️⬇️

  • Armchairs
  • Beanbags
  • Lounge / Sofas

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